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Rock the Next Stage with Dori Staehle

30 minutes of tips, musings, and motivation for the music community. Interviews with musicians and music industry experts to help you rock the next stage!

Dec 1, 2017

Dave Ruch is a musician who has designed some pretty innovative educational programs. He has been involved in an Emmy-winning PBS documentary called Songs to Keep, an award-winning website called W is for the Woods, a ten-year run as a Speaker in the Humanities for the New York Council for the Humanities (NYCH), a new appointment as a Public Scholar for NYCH, a concert tour in the U.K., articles for The Huffington Post, a slate of well over 2,000 school performances, a network TV appearance, a global online singalong for 27,000 students, and even a listing on Wikipedia!

When he’s not doing school programs, Dave performs in bands and also coaches other musicians. Dave is going to share some very creative ways to boost your income.