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Rock the Next Stage with Dori Staehle

30 minutes of tips, musings, and motivation for the music community. Interviews with musicians and music industry experts to help you rock the next stage!

Nov 22, 2017

To make it in this business, you need to be creative and flexible and find ways to create multiple streams of income. Dori shares her top 10 tips to help you generate some extra income this holiday season.

In addition to being the host of this podcast, Dori is also a mentor and coach for serious musicians and singers. She also does booking and promotion, mostly for special events and festivals. In her former life, Dori booked hundreds of large shows with multiple acts in local clubs and other venues. She started Next Stage Entertainment 16 yrs. ago and has since found, groomed, and booked over 900 bands and solo artists and managed a few as well.

Dori specializes in young talent (under 40) and Christian artists but has worked with many others. She’s also a percussionist, therapeutic drumming facilitator, drum teacher, motivational speaker, and best-selling author of Find Your Divine Rhythm: A Creative’s Success Formula.

 Dori's website: