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Rock the Next Stage with Dori Staehle

30 minutes of tips, musings, and motivation for the music community. Interviews with musicians and music industry experts to help you rock the next stage!

Oct 18, 2017

Seattle-based blues/pop artist Phillip Broussard discovered his passion early in life, when his father brought home a guitar. What started as just a few chords ignited a desire to share his new found passion with the world. After tragedy struck at 18 years old and he lost several family members, including his father, Phillip left music and joined the Navy.

During that time, he discovered an artist that changed his life and his passion for music was reignited. In 2007, Phillip deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He's back now and ready to rock! His debut EP drops on Nov. 18th. Phillip shares some great tips for indie artists and you'll get to hear a clip of his new single.


Twitter: @realphillipbroussard

Youtube: YouTube.Com/user/phillipbroussard

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